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Identifying a Competent Chiropractor or Massage Therapist

Massage can be defined as the art of applying or enforcing pressure on various parts of the body using your feet, fingers or elbow as a treatment for pain or stress. A massage therapist is a trained person on how do massages professionally. The doctors or physicians who diagnose and offer treatment to problems related to the neuromuscular through adjusting and manipulating the spine are known as chiropractors.

The chiropractor's job is almost similar to the massage therapist in that their job is to reduce the muscle pain and assist the patient on the ways they can improve their functionalities and account for their health. There are other many similarities between the massage therapy and chiropractic. In both cases, they treat stress and pain through applied pressure on the body. Another similarity is that in both therapies, there is no need of sedation or undergoing surgery in order to get the end goal. They are both done by professionally trained people. Complications are very minimal in the chiropractic and massage therapies when they are conducted by professionals.

Other than similarities, there are also numerous differences between these two therapies. The first difference is that the chiropractic therapy acts an alternative treatment procedure that specializes in the central nervous system and the spine. The brain is directly connected to the central nervous system therefore the chiropractic therapy affects the entire body. Massage on the other hand is used as stress or pain relief therapy on specific parts of the body like the arms, legs and shoulders. The masseuse and the chiropractor are both professionals who undertake different training. The difference in training is that the masseuse usually specialize in enforcing pressure to the different parts of the body to treat both pain and stress.

Detecting of asymmetry in tendons, joints and bones is one of the skills the chiropractors are taught. Detecting of misaligned or tender back and neuro muscles is also another technique that the chiropractors are trained on. They are trained like doctors on how to diagnose the CT scans, x-rays and laboratory tests. They have also been trained on performing orthopedic, cardiovascular and neurological tests. This means that for a chiropractor to be licensed to practice chiropractic therapy, they must have undergone undergraduate and postgraduate courses and also undertaken many tests and examinations.

The chiropractic and massage therapy are very advantageous to the body. Inducement of labor on expectant mothers can be achieved through the practice of chiropractic therapy. The long hours of labor before birth are thus reduced through the chiropractic therapy. Another advantage of chiropractic therapy is that one does not have to take sick offs or even get hospitalized to feel the effects. Since there are no drugs or injections undertaken by the patients, there are basically no side effects experienced.
Liberty Wellness & Chiro is an example of a centre that offers both chiropractic and massage therapies in the City of New York.
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