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Benefits of Free Diving and Its Apparatus Of the many forms of underwater diving that exist, free diving is one of them. Skin diving and breath-hold diving are other terms that are used instead of free diving. Free diving, as the name suggests does not allow divers to use breathing apparatus, this is unlike in scuba diving where divers use scuba gears. Instead, a diver relies upon his/her breath to dive and hold the breath until they resurface again on the water. There are basic apparatus that a diver must have to accomplish the diving activity successfully. Free diving is an involving activity. Most people who engage in this activity term categorize it as a form of leisure. Lovers of water cannot get enough of it. All these merged together make free diving a diverse activity for all. The following are things that every free diver is expected to have. A low volume mask which keeps the air in your lungs and that in the airspaces equalized. To minimize dragging, you need a snorkel. Long and flexible fins. Though expensive, fins are effective when delivering power to keep on diving. Fins come in different shapes. They are also made from a wide variety of materials which avails a diver a wide range of options. Neoprene fin socks is the next free diving gear. In the water, there are various objects. These are marine water and rocks. There is a high possibility of some of these objects harming your feet. A diver requires a pair of neoprene socks to protect the feet from any possible harm. This will also keep your feet protected from cold. The other diving equipment is known as a wetsuit. The a major part of a diving apparatus is a wetsuit. It covers the whole body. This type of diving suit comes In two pieces. This functions to keep your body protected from cold water. It should be customized to fit a diver so as to allow for flexibility and satisfaction when diving. You need weights as the last thing in this list. The role of weight is to make you lighter in case of anything. Weights allow a diver to become lighter in case they encounter any form of difficulty when diving. Free diving has a number other benefits to individuals. Statistics have proven that free diving is one of the most effective form of relieving not only stress but also anxiety. There are breathing exercises when divers engage in free diving. In return to having these exercises, lungs perform better. Until resurfacing, divers always hold their breath in the water. Holding one's breath for a long time in the water makes lung stronger. The more one dives, the more they exercise. Hence, the breathing system becomes effective. What Do You Know About Diving Incredible Lessons I've Learned About Diving
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